We're Passionate about the Seven Seas!

Our core business encompass the handling and movement of bulk cargo worldwide
We provide a plethora of services catering to a network of elite clientele, from diversified fields, with whom we are proud to be associated with.
These services are provided with rest assured, the utmost dedication, perseverance and commitment, that your requirements will be met par excellence, far surpassing the stringent standards and expectations of the most demanding clients.
Our personnel, operate modern ocean going vessels ranging from 'Handies' right up to 'Panamaxes' calling ports across the globe , for a variety of charters on time and voyage basis.

About Us

Headquartered in Singapore, our company is actively engaged in the shipping and trading sector.
We conduct our business through an extensive network of reputable ship owners, brokers, charterers, and traders worldwide, fostering close and committed relationships with each.
Collaborating with this diverse array of partners has solidified our position in the midst of volatile and ever-evolving markets.
With offices strategically located between the Gulf and the Orient, we provide localized services to our global clients.
Our success in navigating unpredictable markets is attributed to a well-structured business model. Our capable team,
consisting of seasoned master mariners and top-notch management and engineering graduates,
enhances our ability to handle risk, exposure, portfolio composition, and vessel management.
As proud members of "BIMCO," we adhere to industry standards,
and our association with the "SKULD" Protection & Indemnity Club ensures coverage for Amarante.
This underscores our commitment to safety, risk management, and compliance with industry regulations.
Overall, our company is well-equipped to thrive in the challenging environment of the shipping and trading industry.
If you have specific inquiries or require further assistance, please feel free to let us know.

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